A JavaScript and Scratch-like development environment for the Lego Mindstrom EV3

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JavaScript on the Lego Mindstrom EV3

You can develop with JavaScript directly on the EV3 in a development environment running in the browser of your choice (Firefox, Chrome, IE11, etc.). You benefit of both the power of JavaScript and the simplicity of a simple API to use the EV3 world (brick, motor and sensors) and also the XSensors.

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Empower device sensors

Scratch-like development environment

Provide to kids that are often familiar with Scratch-like applications/games a simple way to start EV3 programmation with Gnikrap before moving towards JavaScript programming. Here again, it run on any modern browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE11, etc.)

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XSensors - Empower your device' sensors

You want to do more with your Mindstrom: Use all the sensors you already have in your devices: gyroscope (in smartphone or tablet), mouse or touch screen, webcam as if they were standard EV3 sensors !
With Gnikrap you can use the Lego sensors and motors and the XSensors (eXternal Sensors) in the same program with the same straightforward API.

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Empower device sensors



Full documentation available

A full documentation is available

The API available is fully documented with code snippet. There is also some more real samples that are commented.

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Gnikrap is Open Source software

As Gnikrap is open source, you can consult, modify and redistribute the software.

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Open source software